Derive your benefit from the homebook® cloud!

Sophisticated technology and utp’s know-how, combined in a web-based platform, render homebook® to a
tool which perfectly covers all demands and matters all around the topic “small waste water treatment plants”
with its range of functions of its portals.

Unique in this way on the market, we see ourselves as service provider for:
  • Owners of small waste water treatment plants and home owners
  • Maintenance companies and associations for waste water treatment
  • Environmental protection authorities and authorized experts
Home owners can manage the master data of their waste water treatment plant with homebook® and
can save the flood of documents all around the home absolutely paperless and online.

While other web-based software solutions still have to be developed and advanced, homebook® with
its unique telemetry portal already now offers the possibility of complete remote monitoring to
owners of small waste water treatment plants and thus the abandonment of the operator controls
which are required by law.

But that is not all by far: With the integrated security portal, the remote monitoring of up to three further
modules from the area of building and security technology is also possible.

Maintenance companies get access to all relevant data anytime and anywhere via homebook® and
in addition, various extension packages facilitate the maintenance activities.

Furthermore, the communication with the responsible environmental protection authorities of the
respective districts will be simplyfied enormously as they can review and analyze all important documents
and reports by a rights-based access to the online archive.

homebook® is an all around compact and safe platform which leaves almost nothing to be desired for
its customers and is continuously further developed together with our customers!

To get more information about the functions of the portals, please write an email:
Master Data Portal
Master Data Portal
Telemetry Portal
Telemetry Portal
Maintenance Portal
Maintenance Portal
Security Portal
Security Portal
Online Archiv
Online Archiv